Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thankful Day 2

Today I would like to dedicate my thankful post to my reef sandals. I am in serious LOVE with these things! My first pair was actually a pair I stole from my boyfriend when I was 19. He had a shoe size a couple sizes bigger than me and one day I screwed around with him and wore them, you couldn't tell with my jeans on (this is so ghetto I KNOW!), but I ended up wearing them for the day. I LOVED them. So comfy. I was an old navy flip flop girl at the time and that was it for me... I am not a reef girl. I have brown, blue, 2 pairs of black, white... I LOVE them. Thank you to whomever founded the reef brand. I love you.

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Alison B said...

oh, i am totally there with you. I'm definitely a Reef girl. The BEST!!!