Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thankful Day 3

Ok so I am a little bad at posting everyday... but I guess that's what happens when you have two kids under 4. Anyhoo, I will be better at this, promise!

Today I thought I would dedicate my thankful post to my church. Although I am not as active as I could be in church, I am very grateful for church in my life. Church has been a pretty big part of my life since I turned 16. I joined the church in December of 1999. Since then, I have gone through some pretty big struggles and some really happy times. The struggles have been made easier for me through my faith and my friends in church. The church has kept me grounded and I always know that even if life throws me some pretty crappy stuff, that I will always find love and acceptance through the gospel. I am grateful for it in my life and I am happy that my kids are happy when they are at church.

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Raadgep Fam said...

Yea for the gospel~ I love how important and apart it is in my life. I am grateful for the endless love from Jesus Christ and his knowledge of what each of us needs. I love you!